Perfect Engagement Ring How To Find

My fiance and I had been dating for nearly four years before I finally felt that it was time for me to ask her to marry me. I had never felt that I was in the position to provide the things that I wanted to provide to my family when I had one. Once I realized that the time may never come that I feel that I am in the position to provide everything that I wanted to, I came to the conclusion that it was time to just do it.

That afternoon, I started shopping for an engagement ring for her. I had an idea of what she wanted in a ring but I was unsure of exactly where to start looking for it. I have read several articles about how to buy the best engagement ring and what to avoid when buying one, so I kind of knew what I had to do to get perfection.

I started shopping around the jewellers in London and found a few rings that I really liked. There were so many to choose from that I was taken back for a few minutes. I finally folded and decided to ask for help. I called my fiance’s best friend and asked her to meet me at the jewellers. It only took her about fifteen minutes to make her way to the store. I knew that if anyone would know exactly what my fiance would want that it would be her best friend. I had a feeling that the two of them had been looking at rings for at least the last two years and I was right.

round-brilliant-graduated-tulip-setting-trilogy-3-three-engagement-rings-dublin-side-245x300Her friend told me that she had just looked at an engagement ring at another store the week before and that it would probably still be there. We hopped in the car and took off to the other jewellery shop. London has so many jewellers to choose from and I was not exactly sure which one had the ring that my fiance would want, so I am so glad that her friend was nice enough to help me out.

Once we had the ring, I began planning how I was going to ask her to marry me. I knew that I had to do it right. I wanted to make it as special of a day as I possibly could since she had been so patient in waiting for me to be ready to ask her to marry me. I ended up getting a limo, making dinner reservations at her favorite restaurant and making arrangement for a string quartet to be at the place in the park where she and I first met many years ago.

The day that I planned to ask her came much quicker than I expected. I got all dressed up, got in the limo and headed to meet her. She opened her door and I was no longer nervous. She looked stunning. The rest of the night was absolutely perfect and she said yes as soon as she saw the engagement ring that I presented her with.

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